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Via @GoCheeksGo -

Only a few hours left! VOTE NOW! :D

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“Husbands” and Brad Bell (aka Cheeks) DESERVE their fans’ support.  Please, consider the laughs they’ve given and the happiness “Husbands” has delivered into your lives.  And then spend the few seconds it takes, to GIVE BACK with your VOTES. 

Tonight is the LAST CHANCE.  Voting ends at 11:59PM.

Please - RE-BLOG this and ask your friends to help. 

Thank you!

This brought a smile to my face on a day that I truly needed it.  Thank you, TeamHusbands.


Husbands: Behind the Scenes EP 2   

On the set of Husbands with Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog), Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), Sasha Roiz (Grimm), Dichen Lachman (Being Human), Felicia Day (The Guild), Emma Caulfield (Bandwagon), & Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).


Watch Joss Whedon in the Premiere of Jane Espenson’s HUSBANDS Season 2!

With tons of Whedonverse alumni cameos such as Felicia Day, Amber Benson, Emma Caulfield and Dichen Lachman! 

Husbands: Season Two Premiere | The Paley Center for Media

OMG OMG OMG….  This is EPIC!!!  The Paley Center usually only hosts launches for major TV Shows and Movies.  And now - HISTORY IS BEING MADE!  The Paley Center is hosting the launch event for “Husbands” The Series - Season Two!!!

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Husbands: Season Two Premiere of the Acclaimed Online Sitcom

Monday, August 13, 2012
7:00 pm PT
Los Angeles


Brad Bell, “Cheeks”, Cocreator & Executive Producer
Jane Espenson, Cocreator & Executive Producer
Jeff Greenstein, Director & Executive Producer
Sean Hemeon, “Brady Kelly”
Alessandra Torresani, “Haley”

Come join the celebration as Husbands becomes the first online sitcom to be hosted by The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. The series, praised by no less than theNew Yorker and the Atlantic, follows a young same-sex couple as they make the sort of newlywed mistakes that used to be available only to one man and one woman. The comedy was created by Once Upon a TimeBattlestar Galactica, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer Jane Espenson and actor and writer Brad Bell (Pop-Up Video). It has attracted a fervent and well-deserved fan following, and high-profile guest stars including Joss Whedon, Tricia Helfer, Felicia Day, Amber Benson, and Sasha Roiz amongst others. The acclaimed series launches its second season August 15 on, and in advance of that, the Paley Center welcomes the executive producers and cast members Sean Hemeon and Alessandra Toressani for a preview screening followed by what promises to be a lively look behind the scenes of a show at the forefront of the web revolution.

All attendees are invited to a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream social following the program!

Join the Conversation! We will LIVE tweet this event. Follow @paleycenter and use #PaleyLiveLA to join in. Your tweet will be seen in the widget we add to this page on the day of the event.

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Buy Tickets here:

Jane Espenson talking “Husbands” & @GoCheeksGo on StreaminGarage’s “Stupid For Game Of Thrones” - April 29, 2012:

The FULL interview in which she talks about GOT, Husbands, Once, etc can be found here:

HUSBANDS The Series: Husbands Kickstarter - GOAL UPDATE!!!


RE-BLOG : RE-BLOG : RE-BLOG - pretty please!!!

@TeamHusbands has sent the following update to ALLLL of their Kickstarter Campaign Donors - and with permission, I’m sharing it here:

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Posted by teamhusbands

It’s our final week of the campaign and we have HUGE NEWS!

To give you an in depth look at every element of the show you brought to life, we will produce a BEHIND THE SCENES DOCUMENTARY about the making of Husbands — filming all the steps along the way! Including footage of photo shoots, table reads, rehearsals, costume fittings, and countless other elements of the process. In addition, BACKERS ONLY will get behind the scenes photos sent live from the set.

PLUS HUSBANDS MINISODES: slice of life glimpses into the intimate domestic bliss (and shenanigans) of Cheeks’ and Brady’s newly-married life.

And that is only the start of what’s really exciting. The absolute best news about all of this, is how easily you can get it!

The BEHIND THE SCENES DOCUMENTARY, BACKERS ONLY PHOTO ACCESS from the set, and HUSBANDS MINISODES will all be made possible if every backer donates just $27 more dollars! Meeting our new goal of 75K means we can take you with us through the entire production, every step of the way, without you ever having to take off your slippers!

And to celebrate our final week and go out with a bang, Jane has decided to make available ONE-OF-A-KIND COLLECTORS ITEMS from her personal collection! Very special items from Battlestar, Buffy, and the set of Husbands. (There is even a Husbands item that is also something for CSI fans!)

Additionally, at the $70 level is a COMIC BOOK, selected and AUTOGRAPHED by Jane – If you want to get more than one, or to add this on to any other incentive, contact us through the Kickstarter page, or email us at and we’ll make sure that every extra $70 donation gets a signed comic book.

This final week is a history-maker! You made 50K happen in a week! And for only $27 extra bucks, we keep going, keep soaring, and keep making even more for you! It is a gift for us to give you as much Husbands as you make possible. You never stop amazing us!


Team Husbands

TEN DAYS LEFT until the @TeamHusbands KICKSTARTER Campaign Ends!!!

Currently there are 844 backers with a total of $53,000 - WOW!

This has been an incredible showing of viewer support.  The fans are amazing.

The next 10 days will be the final PUSH - please, if you can - DONATE!

The more money, the MORE "Husbands" we will see in future.  

Bigger, Longer…lol - you get the picture.  Please - REBLOG this entry!

Kickstarter Link:

Remember - if you’re a fan of BUFFY, ONCE UPON A TIME, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - check the incentive levels for goodies!!!

"Husbands" - Dragon*Con 2012!!!

Confirmed via twitter by @JaneEspenson - 

1) Who else is excited for Dragon*Con? I haven’t gone since Tim Minear and I had a wild con weekend there during Buffy/Angel run!

2) This list doesn’t make it clear: - but @gocheeksgo is also going to Dragon*Con !

- - -

That’s right - Cheeks & Jane will both be attending Dragon*Con in Atlanta.  The convention runs Aug 31st through Sept 3rd.  

Scheduling for panels, autograph signings, etc. = Currently Pending.

If you’re a HUGE fan of the Whedon and/or Brit Tracks at Dragon*Con, the collective SQUEE can be heard around the world…lol.

"Husbands" - New BlogTalkRadio Interview!!!

RHeart Special Edition - Jane Espenson & Brad Bell

When: Monday, April 9th at 10:00PM EST / 7:00PM PST


You will be able to login to blogtalkradio chat to ask questions!

What: ♥ We are very excited and honored to have this Special Edition of RHeart.  We will be chatting with one of the most gifted writers in television today - you might remember she was a writer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Once Upon A Time and the new web series, Husbands - Ms. Jane Espenson.

♥ We will also be talking to the amazingly talented star, writer, producer of Husbands, Brad Bell (aka) Cheeks! 


“Husband The Series” - Series One BLOOPERS!!!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped @TeamHusbands reach over $25,000 in less than 8 hours!!!  Please, if you have not donated yet - please do, so they can reach their $50,000 goal. 

they call him cheeks, king of the freaks :): Hey everyone !


Cheeks (& the rest of the Team Husbands crew) have started a KickStarter for Season 2 of Husbands. 

With this kickstarter, they are trying to raise $50,000.

They have already raised $15,337 (as I’m typing this) but they need more! 

IF you donate, even just a dollar, it goes to a good cause (yes, Husbands is a good cause (;)

Anyway, if you donate a bigger amount you get fantastic prizes, the bigger, the BETTER, seriously, I’m not even kidding.

I wish I had a spare $10,000 right now, but I don’t so… ANYWAY.

here is the kickstarter:

and the video they posted, Cheeks is really cute, so yeah, go donate if you can! PLEASE.


"Husbands" The Series - KICKSTARTER Video - Hilarious!!!

If you haven’t heard - Series Two is HAPPENING!  

…with your help!  Donate now:

If you’re a BUFFY, BSG or ONCE UPON A TIME fan - RUN to see the incentives!!!

HUSBANDS The Series: Husbands - Series 2 - KICKSTARTER!!!


JANE ESPENSON & BRAD “CHEEKS” BELL have OFFICIALLY launched a KickStarter Campaign to raise money for Series Two of “Husbands The Series” -


DONATE - DONATE - DONATE - It’s the quickest path to getting the show into production sooner, rather than later.

SHARE - REBLOG - RETWEET - Spread the word near and far!!!

Let’s get “Husbands” the biggest boost that we can!

PS - They’ve raised almost 1/5 of the initial goal in less than 30 mins!!! ZOMFG!!!

New Media Rec for GLEE Fans

If you’re a GLEE fan - Please Read & Re-Blog!! 

I’ve been a fan of Glee from the beginning. And after two seasons, I’m even more of one. It occurred to me that fans / gleeks who loved the Kurt Hummell storyline would also enjoy watching a new webseries that I’m HIGHLY fond of - esp since their core audiences would seem to potentially be perfect crossovers.


The webseries is called “Husbands” - and it’s a co-creation by Jane Espenson (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Caprica, BSG,Game of Thrones, Torchwood, etc.) and Brad “Cheeks” Bell (he’s GoCheeksGo on YouTube & Twitter).

The basic premise is that the show takes place in a world in with marriage equality exists - gays have just beengranted the federal right to get married. In the mist of the passing of this law, two high profile famous men - one an actor and one a baseball player - wake up in Vegas married after a night of drunken celebration. Not wanting to hurt the “cause” of gay marriage - they decide to give the marriage a try - even though they’ve only been dating 6 weeks! lol….

The webseries debuted last week - and now has three episodes of eleven posted with another airing on Thursday:

I have watched and rewatched the episodes - they are a complete riot!!!!! Sharp writing, jokes that zing, and it’s sooooo well done! This show BELONGS on Television!  

The cast… I cannot say enough about them. Cheeks - “America’s Gay Sweetheart” - is a STAR! And Brady Kelly (Sean Hemeon) is fantastic as the athlete who’s just 1 year out of the closet and is now married in one of the highest profile “whoops!” moments of the millennium. 

You can follow them at @TeamHusbands on twitter.

This series is highly recommended - and I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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