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Only a few hours left! VOTE NOW! :D

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“Husbands” and Brad Bell (aka Cheeks) DESERVE their fans’ support.  Please, consider the laughs they’ve given and the happiness “Husbands” has delivered into your lives.  And then spend the few seconds it takes, to GIVE BACK with your VOTES. 

Tonight is the LAST CHANCE.  Voting ends at 11:59PM.

Please - RE-BLOG this and ask your friends to help. 

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Watch Joss Whedon in the Premiere of Jane Espenson’s HUSBANDS Season 2!

With tons of Whedonverse alumni cameos such as Felicia Day, Amber Benson, Emma Caulfield and Dichen Lachman! 


Here it is! The moment you’ve been waiting for - the premiere of Husbands Season 2! Watch it, enjoy it, and then REBLOG, TWEET, and share on FACEBOOK and GOOGLE+! Spread the word and help Husbands Season 2 make even more of a splash than Season 1!

If you’re on twitter, @JaneEspenson and @GoCheeksGo are taking your questions until 8:30am PDT! They’ll be back again tonight from 7:30pm-8:30pm PDT so please join the fun and tweet them your questions and congratulations!

Also, don’t forget this Friday’s Google Play event at 4pm PDT!

HUSBANDS The Series: Husbands - Google Hangout and Call to Action!


Husbands - Google Hangout and Call to Action!

First - This news was just released via the Husbands fan newsletter. You NEED to sign up for this treasure trove of goodies! It’s free -

Second - This is the news that Cheeks shared:

Howdy Team Husbands!

Cheeks here, dropping you a line to share in the excitement and anticipation of Husbands Season 2 — now only 12 days away.

To celebrate, Jane and I are hosting a Google Hangout, August 17th, from within Google Headquarters! We want you, our most cherished audience members, to be the first in-the-know and the first ones invited.

The Hangout will be largest online gathering of Team Husbands to date — complete with video conferencing, Q&A, or just sitting back and enjoying as a viewer. The time is still TBD, but mark your calendars! We can’t wait to see what you guys think of the new season.

Also, as you know, the promotion and buzz for Season 2 depends on every member of Team Husbands. We don’t have corporate dollars to invest in advertising; we made sure the money went into the most important thing — the show! Now that we’re getting closer to the debut, it’s essential that we work together and amplify the laughter across the globe. What with this whole Chick-Fil-A debacle, I think the world could use some humor these days, huh?

Here is one thing you can do right now to help: IMDB

Did you know the Husbands IMDB page has a 5.9 rating out of a possible 10?

I know, I’m as shocked as you are. It’s obviously some sort of a mistake, but to correct it, go HERE and rate Husbands by clicking the little stars:

While there, take a second to fire off a positive review — even just a few sentences — favorite lines, favorite moments, every little bit helps.

You can do that HERE: — scroll to the bottom, where reviews end. Click “Add Another Review”

The more supportive reviews we have, the more Husbands becomes visible through IMDB. Our Season Two poster is on its way to IMDB, but there might also be some additional goodies somewhere on the site, for those of you feeling like an Easter egg hunt. ;)

And remember — August 17th — be there! If you don’t yet have Google+ you will need one to join the Hangout. CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

There’s even more flail inducing Husbands news to come, along with the best ways you can boost our launch. Husbands is reaching for the moon and with you behind us, we’re unstoppable! Thank you for being you and for letting us be us.

Now let’s get to it!




We’re counting down the days to August 15th, when our favorite online sitcom returns with Season 2 on, featuring Joss Whedon in his acting debut!

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can BUY TICKETS to attend the premiere on August 13th, 7:00pm and be a part of history as Husbands becomes the first online series to be hosted by The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. 

Even better - All attendees are invited to a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream social following the program!    
Can’t make the premiere? Don’t worry! The Paley Center will LIVE tweet this event. Follow @paleycenter and use #PaleyLiveLA to join in. Your tweet will be seen in the widget they add to this page on the day of the event. 


Husbands Love from Paley Center AND Yummy Ben and Jerrys!!!!

Husbands remains the only online series to earn acknowledgment and praise from The New Yorker earlier this year. On August 13th, Husbands will break another digital ceiling when it becomes the first online series to be presented by the renowned Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills.

The evening will include an advanced screening of this season’s first episode, featuring Joss Whedon in his side-splitting acting debut.

There will also be an in-depth conversation with the creators and cast, followed by an exclusive tasting of Ben & Jerry’s new Husbands-inspired ice cream flavor.

Purchase tickets below:

HUSBANDS The Series: JOSS WHEDON to star in "Husbands" - Season Two


Comic-Con 2012: Joss Whedon Starring in Jane Espenson Series ‘Husbands’ (Exclusive)

12:19 PM PDT 7/15/2012 by Jordan Zakarin

creating icon and “Avengers” director, Whedon will step in front of the camera in two episodes of his longtime collaborator’s show.

Hot off an all-time box office smash and a god-like reception at Comic-Con, Joss Whedon can do whatever he wants right now. And so, never one to rest on his laurels, the writer-director-producer is taking his career in a new direction: acting.

Whedon will appear in his longtime friend and collaboratorJane Espenson’s online sitcom, Husbands, featuring in two of the series’ three new, eight minute episodes, as the agent of recently-out and married baseball star Brady (Sean Hemeon). Brady, a Los Angeles Dodgers player, is the first openly gay active Major League Baseball player, and finds himself married to Cheeks (co-creator Brad Bell) after a drunken night in Las Vegas. It will be, as Whedon himself says, his biggest acting role yet.

Husbands is full of the kind of whip-smart remarks you wish you’d written yourself,” Whedon said earlier this month when the show was renewed. The series will premiere its second season on August 15.

It makes sense that the show is just his style; Espenson was a co-executive producer on Whedon’s cult hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a consulting producer on his Fox sci-fi series, Dollhouse.

The series dovetails nicely with three of Whedon’s main interests: re-teaming with frequent friends and collaborators; advocating marriage equality; and producing award-winning internet series. HisDr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which will be aired on television this fall by the CW, won an Emmy in 2009 and is one of the most successful pieces of web-originated content of all time.

In fact, one of his Dr. Horrible and Buffy stars, Felicia Day, will also appear this season. Last season, another Dr. Horrible and Buffy alum, Nathan Fillion (who also worked with Whedon as star of the beloved sci-fi western Firefly) appeared as a guest star.

Whedon teased a Dr. Horrible sequel this past week at Comic-Con, and joined Fillion and the rest of the cast of Firefly for a raucous and tear-filled panel discussion in honor of the show’s 10th anniversary.



Joss Whedon will co-star in “Husbands” Season Two


Read more about it at The Hollywood Reporter here:


EXCITING NEWS - It was officially announced today that @FeliciaDay @Amber_Benson @EmmaCaufield and @DichenLachman will be Guest Stars in Season Two of “Husbands” - !!!

In an article on MTV’s SlashPage -

Jane Espenson’s ‘Husbands’ To Feature Whedonverse Favorites

by Tami Katzoff

Quiz question: Who’s the most geek-friendly writer/producer working in television today? The answer is pretty obvious – it’s Jane Espenson. She’s at least partially responsible for “Torchwood,” “Caprica,” “Battlestar Galactica” and one episode of “Game Of Thrones.” Oh yeah – she’s also contributed to every Joss Whedon TV project since “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.”

For one of her current projects, Espenson called in the Whedonverse troops. Felicia Day, Amber Benson, Emma Caulfield and Dichen Lachman will all guest-star in the second season of the web series “Husbands.”

Getting the actors to participate was remarkably easy, Espenson says. “People were so eager to be involved that I definitely could have had twice the number of people that we got. We just simply stopped calling when we had the roles filled,” she tells MTV news.

Espenson credits Whedon, and the loyalty he inspires, for the unexpected turnout. “The wonderful thing about Whedonverse people – writers, actors, everybody – is that you call them and they’re there,” she says. “Every one of them was like, tell me where and when and I will be there.”

“Husbands” is a joint creation of Espenson and Brad “Cheeks” Bell, whom Espenson met after seeing his very popular (and very funny) video clips on YouTube. Inspiration for the series came out of a discussion about the classic sitcom “I Love Lucy,” which was quite groundbreaking in its day for portraying an interracial marriage and a pregnancy (TV characters couldn’t even utter the word “pregnant” back then).

“We were having a conversation about what is that today - can you even recreate that? What is the story that has yet to be told,” Bell recalls. “We sort of looked at each other at the same time and we were like, oh my God – a gay married couple!”

Espenson thought that it was “a show that deserved to exist” – a very modern take on the newlywed comedy genre. “So we decided to just go ahead and make it, so we could make it the way we wanted to do it.”

“Husbands” stars Bell and Sean Hemeon as Cheeks and Brady, a celebrity couple who wake up married after a wild night in Vegas, and Alessandra Torresani as Cheeks’ BFF, Haley. The first season, which featured a cameo by Nathan Fillion, consisted of eleven two- or three-minute episodes; season two, premiering in August, will be broken up into three eight-minute acts, similar to a traditional sitcom format.

Watching Bell on set and in post-production, Espenson was reminded of Whedon. “Brad really has the showrunner gene,” she says. She also sees Whedon’s influence on Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, executive producers of Espenson’s other current project, “Once Upon A Time,” which is also headed into its second season. “I think they brought me in because they were ‘Buffy’ fans.”

Though she’s worked on dozens of TV shows, Espenson notes that “Once Upon A Time” is the first one where her bosses are substantially younger than herself. And in Horowitz and Kitsis, as well as Bell, Espenson is happy to see the impact of Joss Whedon on a new generation of showrunners. “At the same time as I, as a grown-up, was in the writers’ room with Joss, getting that lesson,” she says, “they were at home on their living room carpet, watching the TV and learning that same lesson.”

MTV News producer Tami Katzoff presents The Weekly Whedon, a column exploring all corners of the Whedonverse from “Marvel’s The Avengers” to “Buffy” and beyond. Assemble your reactions in the comments section!

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